The annual General Assembly of the Kabul chapter of the Overseas Security Advisory Committee, OSAC, took place on the US Embassy Compound. The meeting attracted a serious audience of over 80 Americans and security professionals to review security precautions and forecasts for the private sector in Afghanistan in 2014.
In sober but positive observations, U.S. Ambassador James Cunningham emphasized the importance of OSAC and a close working relationship with the U.S. Embassy. Citing the uncertainties that surround upcoming presidential elections and the signing of the bi-lateral security agreement, Ambassador Cunningham nonetheless described clear progress in Afghanistan’s ability to secure itself and to provide relative safety in Kabul.
Other noteworthy speakers included the heads of the U.S. Regional Security Office, ISAF’s Military Technical Agreement Office, the US Commercial Office, and the US Consulate.
Elspeth Smith, the Executive Director of the AmCham/Af and the Chair of Kabul OSAC’s Membership, Events and Communications Committee, commented on the seriousness of the subject to AmCham. “Our members across the spectrum—from small businesses like First Rate Afghanistan and Parks Global to international presences like DynCorp and Textron Marine—get this. Security must be well managed for the private sector to grow and flourish.”