Membership Opportunities and Rewards

The American Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan (AmCham/Af) offers a range of prestigious memberships to the business community.  These memberships recognize that companies possess different footprints in the country and that companies vary in size and revenue.

Memberships contain a collection of features and privileges specific to each level.  All members gain the value and integrity of belonging to a worldwide network of AmChams which is supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  All memberships are for one year with the exception of the Platinum membership which spans two years.



Platinum Membership represent the highest level of corporate leadership in the AmCham-Af .  The two-year membership provides a premiere presence on all AmCham products and communication tools, press releases and success stories. Platinum memberships are inclusive of all other membership categories and privileges.



Corporate memberships recognize core businesses of high repute that can benefit from AmCham’s access to USG, advocacy to GIRoA and other

Organizations, commercial discounts, and AmCham/Af event discounts.

*Corporate members have 11+ employees or realize in excess of $1 million

Revenue   annually.



US companies of fewer than 10 people w/less than $1 million annual revenue

US citizens doing business in Afghanistan

Nonprofit institutions (certified by the appropriate Afghan Ministry) whose work supports business or the business environment in Afghanistan.



American and Global Designations

Membership in the American Chamber of Commerce of Afghanistan is available to all businesses with an interest in working with American companies and organizations in Afghanistan.


However, in accordance with widely accepted AmCham practices, voting privileges accrue to members whose companies are registered in Afghanistan.


The American designation applies to companies that possess 25%+ American equity and are registered/licensed in Afghanistan by AISA or the appropriate ministry.  The Global designation applies to companies that have ties to the American business community and/or are interested in identifying themselves with other members of the AmCham/Af.  Membership categories fall within either the American or the Global designations.



25%+ American Equity/Ownership in the Company

Registered by the appropriate Afghan Ministry or AISA

Voting privileges & eligibility for Board Membership and AmCham/Af Committees



Significant interest in doing business with American companies or organizations in Afghanistan

Evidence of business incorporation

Eligibility for Ex-Officio Board membership and AmCham/Af Committees


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