Bret Dalton

Bret Dalton

Board Member

Bret Dalton became the Regional Director for the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa for IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., at the beginning of 2016. IAP performs work on dozens of projects for numerous client organizations throughout Afghanistan and in 9 other countries in the region. One wholly owned subsidiary of IAP performs the critical role of controlling the airspace over Afghanistan as primary contractor for the Afghan government’s Afghan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA).

After twenty years of leading businesses and sitting on boards for NGOs, Mr. Dalton came to Afghanistan in 2011. From 2013 until 2015, he served as Country Director (Afghanistan) for DynCorp International, which was the largest private employer in the nation during those years. In December of 2014 as a senior representative of the private sector in Afghanistan, he was invited by the UK and Afghan governments to attend the London Conference on Afghanistan with President Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah.

Since 2016, Mr. Dalton has been the private sector Chairman of the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) for Afghanistan. He co-chairs this Council with the Regional Security Officer for the US Embassy in Kabul, and the Council is comprised of over 130 organizations and almost 300 individual participants.

Mr. Dalton has a Bachelor of Science from West Point and a Master of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He speaks Spanish and has studied German, French, and Dari.