Christopher Lundh

Christopher Lundh

Board Member

Christopher Lundh recently returned to Kabul, having rejoined Afghan Wireless Communication Co. and the Bayat Group. He was there earlier from 2009 to 2012 in a similar capacity and, during this time, was a Founding Board Member of the AmCham in Kabul when it began operations in 2010.

Chris has over 25 years of international corporate experience building and managing multiple business ventures in Africa, Asia, South America and the US. His experience working in frontier countries and in challenging conditions led a partnership in Emerging Markets Telecommunications, a consultancy providing strategic and technology related expertise and best practices in selected markets worldwide.

With high level on down to a “roll up your sleeves” background, Chris has personally led teams from start-ups to turnarounds, from building companies on the ground in Kenya to large corporates in Bolivia and Afghanistan. Throughout, his primary driver has been achieving growth by designing and implementing strategic sales and marketing campaigns, with the impetus of generating revenues and profitability as the baseline for the company’s success.

Multilingual and with an MBA from Thunderbird, Chris has been at the forefront of the mobile phone revolution in Africa and other emerging markets and, coincident with this, has more recently expanded into off-grid energy and solar power initiatives.