Hamid A. Mohib

Hamid A. Mohib

Board Member

Upon returning from University education in 2005, Mr. Mohib took an important role in management of the family business, with responsibilities in several different sectors such as import of hard and soft commodities, manufacturing, logistics, banking, real estate development and construction. He has attained intrinsic knowledge of ‘how to’ in Afghanistan with a unique understanding of the levels of complexity and risk, and means to mitigate. Mr. Mohib’s family have been actively working in Afghanistan, continuously for over 40 years.

Previous and running board appointments include shareholder-appointed Member of the Board of Supervisors in a large financial institution with over 700 employees; with specific representation in the Remuneration and Nomination, Risk and Audit Committee. Mr. Mohib has also held a board seat in the local chapter of the International Chamber of Commerce, several owners’ associations for real estate and management experience in business councils.

As a director in the holding, Mr Mohib is responsible for strategic planning and treasury operations for the group’s various activities in Central Asia and the Middle East.

Mr. Mohib was educated at King’s University College at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.