Sharam Gulzad

Sharam Gulzad

Board Member

Sharam Gulzad an established business executive, entrepreneur, economist, SMEs expert, and philanthropist based on his home country, Afghanistan.

Having grown up in a business family of multiple generations with a rich corporate history that spans 100+ years, he knew from an early age that he would continue his family tradition and lead the company with his extraordinary talent, open-mindedness, and desire to inspire others through his work. Through his current CEO position in Gulzad Group, a group of companies specializing in the agricultural trading, construction and industrial services sector, Gulzad has managed to move a historic company with inherited traditions towards a more diversified portfolio, following a modern, innovative, and up-to-date approach.

Prior acquiring the position of Gulzad Group’s CEO, Sharam Gulzad had pursued a degree in Economics in Germany and worked on a series of positions that allowed him to acquire knowledge on the business dynamics of start-ups and SME’s, within an international business context. During his early times in Germany, Gulzad had managed to overcome various business challenges and join an import & exports company with Gulzad Group, while being in charge of European operations.

In addition to his corporate presence and activity, Gulzad has also been an active board member in several Afghan charitable organisations and was the founder of “Afghanistan Youth TV”, a 2017 formed television channel project, aimed at empowering the youth of Afghanistan and inspiring them to thrive within a challenging national environment. This project and many others were initiated by Gulzad Foundation, which was created by Gulzad Group as means for the company to fulfil their Corporate Social Responsibilities and serve the Afghan community in numerous ways.

Sharam Gulzad envisions a bright future where people can grow and thrive without national restrictions and discriminations and plans to do so via the fulfilment of several charitable causes.